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How to use OFF3R

How to use OFF3R
Written by James Mackonochie

Welcome to our short guide on how you can compare investments with OFF3R.

Comparing Investment Types 

OFF3R now presents investment opportunities from over 50 investment platforms. We have broken these investment opportunities in to types for ease of navigation. The aim of this is to simplify the comparison process for investors. In order to find opportunities suited to their areas of interest. The different asset classes can be accessed by clicking “Compare”  in the navigation bar.

Within the mobile app the asset classes are listed just below the top of the app. You can navigate between these channels by swiping left or right or clicking on the investment type you are after.

Search and Filter Tools

You are able to sort, search and filter investment opportunities on the website and app. These tools are available within each investment type channel on the website or by clicking on the search and filter button in the top right hand corner of the app.

You can sort and filter on a wide range of characteristics and features of each investment. These have been included to give you the control to find investments that are suited to your needs. The sort and filters are dependent on the investment type that you are currently viewing. You can also search for specific investment opportunities within the search bar. However, please note that you will need to be logged in to view the full details of the search results.

Investment Details

You can also view more detailed information about each investment opportunity. This can be done by clicking on the more information button on the investment card. The investment details are structured depending on the investment type and this information has been provided by the partner. There are two tabs of information for each opportunity; one relating to the investment opportunity itself and the other tab relating to the platform that hosts the investment.

You are able to perform a number of actions from this detailed view of the opportunity. Including playing a video by clicking on the play icon on the image if one is available, learning more about the opportunity by going to the partner’s website, requesting someone from the partner to contact you about the opportunity, adding the opportunity to your OFF3R portfolio (see below) or sharing the opportunity with a friend.

Follow Opportunities

If you are logged in to your account you are able to follow opportunities that you would like to keep a closer eye on and come back to more easily in the future. You can do this by clicking on the star icon on the detailed view of the investment opportunity.

Once you have followed an investment opportunity they will be moved in to your own “Following” channel. This can be accessed via the top navigation bar of the website or within the Following channel on the app. Any opportunities that you follow on the website will appear in your Following channel on the mobile app and vice versa.

Profile and Notification Centre

You are able to update your personal details and investment interests from within the “Profile” section of the website or app.

Furthermore, we have developed a notification centre that keeps you up to date about the latest news and funding statuses of investment opportunities that you may be following. The settings for these notifications can also be changed via the Notifications tab of the Profile section of the site or the Settings option on the mobile app menu. You can configure the following options from these settings:

  • Notify me when new listings are available relating to my interests – We will notify you via the centre if new investment opportunities are published that are aligned to your interests that are configured within your profile.
  • Notify me when my followed opportunities are overfunding – We will notify you if an opportunity you are follows moves to overfunding status. This is only relevant for Equity Crowdfunding opportunities.
  • New investment opportunities frequency – You can configure how regularly you want us to notify you about new investment opportunities that are related to your interests. We will only notify you of opportunities that are tagged to your interests so please set your interests up correctly.
  • Notify me when my followed deals reach % of target – We will notify you when investment opportunities you are following reach a % of their target amount. This is only relevant for Equity Crowdfunding opportunities.
  • Notify me when my followed deals have days to expire – We will notify you when investment opportunities you are following have a configurable number of days left.

Any notifications triggered based on your settings will appear on both the app and the website within the notifications centre. You can also click directly through to the opportunity that you have been notified about.

Portfolio Tool

Logged in users can also access the OFF3R portfolio tool to create a static view of your investment portfolio. You can add investment opportunities to your portfolio from the detailed investment information on the app or website.

Alternatively, you can access the portfolio tool from your Profile section of the website or the Portfolio menu option on the app. Here you can manually add in details of any investments you want to capture. Please note that this portfolio is only a point in time capture of information about investments made and will not update automatically based on the performance of the investments.

Learn with OFF3R

The Learn with OFF3R section of the website provides you with the latest industry news and investment guides. We have built this with to help investors learn about the investment sector. As well as staying up to date with key events and announcements.

We also publish guides and content from partners so that you can learn more about each of the platforms on OFF3R. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to the news centre.

About the author

James Mackonochie

James is the co-founder and COO at OFF3R. He has over 10 years of experience working in the City with a leading Management Consultancy. James holds a BSc degree in Business and Management and a number of professional qualifications.