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Lily Bridgwood
Written by Lily Bridgwood

About Sapphire Capital Partners

Sapphire Capital Partners LLP is a specialist investment management firm established to provide, among other services investment management services and bespoke SEIS and EIS solutions.

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British Robotics Seed Fund Overview

The British Robotics Seed Fund is the first SEIS-qualifying investment fund specialising in UK-based robotics businesses. The focus of the fund is to deliver superior returns to investors by making targeted investments in a mixed basket of the most innovative and disruptive businesses that are exploiting the new generation of robotics technologies.

Automation and robotisation are beginning to drive significant productivity improvements in the global economy heralding a new industrial revolution. The fund allows investors to benefit from this exciting opportunity, whilst also delivering the extremely attractive tax reliefs offered by the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

For many private investors, the amount of specialist knowledge required to assess investments in robotics is not practical and hence investing through a fund structure makes good sense. The fund appoints expert mentors to work with each investee company to further maximise the chance of success for investors.

Please visit Sapphire Capital Partners for more information on their fund opportunities. Your Capital is At Risk. 

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Lily Bridgwood

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