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Robo-Advisor Platforms

OFF3R works with some of the leading Robo-Advisor platforms in the UK. The table below provides a summary of our partners in the sector. Please visit the Compare Robo-Advisors section of the website for specific investment opportunities and supporting tools.

What are Robo-Advisors?

Online robo-advisor platforms on the whole tend to begin by encouraging the investor to set personal goals, like investing to help to buy a house or for your retirement. The robo-advisors will then use this information to help set your risk appetite and will  allocate an investment portfolio adjusted to suit your individual needs. This diversified portfolio is then monitored over the course of the investment period and adjusted in real-time in line with what is happening in the markets.

Head over to our guide on Robo-Advisors for more information.

Compare Robo-Advisor Platforms:

Platform NameShort DescriptionMinimum InvestmentFeesTypical Portfolio SizeLink to Platform
Nutmeg Founded in 2011, they were the first UK-based robo-advisor.£500from 0.25% 10Go to Site
Scalable Capital Founded in 2014, they provide a personalised, globally-diversified portfolio designed to grow your long-term wealth.£10,000from 0.75%14Go to Site
MoneyfarmFounded in 2011, they advise you on a risk profile that is suited to the type of investor you are.£1from 0.25%12Go to Site
Wealthify Founded in 2016, they let you build a personal investment plan and then manage it for you.£1from 0.5% 15-20Go to Site

Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk with investments of this nature. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

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