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Property Investing with CapitalRise

Lily Bridgwood
Written by Lily Bridgwood

About CapitalRise

Real Estate has historically been one of the best performing asset classes to invest in, but currently it is costly and difficult for everyday investors to get access to good direct real estate investment opportunities. The only option for most people is expensive and indirect investment through funds or REITs.

CapitalRise was set up with a clear mission: To disrupt the old way of investing in property and give everyday investors easy and direct access to real estate investments of the finest quality that generate attractive returns. By eliminating the middlemen, CapitalRise enables investors to earn higher returns – typically from 10% – 18% per year.

How Investing with CapitalRise Works

The team at CapitalRise have over 75 years of direct real estate investment experience between them. They scour the UK for only the finest quality real estate investment opportunities. Once they find an investment they think is suitable, it is put through a stringent and detailed due diligence and assessment process. Only the best projects pass this test and these are then placed onto the platform for you to invest in.

The founders of CapitalRise invest their own personal money alongside their investors into every deal. They prefer to demonstrate their confidence in the deals they select through actions such as these rather than words. Investors should have peace of mind knowing that they are co-investing with them.

How to invest?

  1. Sign up online
  2. Select an investment
  3. Transfer funds
  4. Start generating returns. It’s that simple.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • You must have a UK bank account
  • You can invest as an individual or on behalf of a company
  • You must be an Everyday investor, High net worth investor or a Self-certified Sophisticated investor

Why Invest with CapitalRise

CapitalRise offers:

  • Exclusive opportunities; exclusive access to high quality property assets that were previously only available to institutions and very wealthy individuals.
  • No fee service; they don’t charge fees to invest, they generate revenue from the fees they charge the developers to borrow.
  • Transparency; it is one of their key values.
  • Peace of mind; investments have been thoroughly analysed and carefully selected by their expert team with over 75yrs of experience between them.
  • Confidence; the founders invest their own personal money in every deal alongside their investors to demonstrate their belief in the quality of the investments.

Please visit CapitalRise for more information on their investment opportunities. Your Capital is At Risk. 

About the author

Lily Bridgwood

Lily Bridgwood

Lily is the Partnerships Associate at OFF3R. She has previous work experience in both the corporate and start-up environments. She joined the OFF3R team in October having recently graduated with First-Class Honours in International Business from the University of Edinburgh.