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Property Crowdfunding with CrowdLords

Lily Bridgwood
Written by Lily Bridgwood

About CrowdLords

CrowdLords is a two-sided, equity based property investment platform, where they offer investors the opportunity to invest in a wide range of property types and asset classes. CrowdLords believe that one of the fundamentals of investing is to diversify your portfolio, both in terms of the location as well as property type. Whatever your financial goals, CrowdLords offers you the choice between a stable, regular income or capital growth or both, across the UK.

CrowdLords offers accredited investors equity investment opportunities, who have at least £1,000 to invest. CrowdLords offers investment properties ranging from standard BTLs, small to large scale developments, commercial property and HMOs, in locations across the UK. There is no joining fee when you register, nor is there a charge for when you make an investment. And to continue the theme of transparency, they display all fees and costs in the investment details of the property listing.

How Does CrowdLords Work?

  1. Landlords and Developers approach them with a project in mind. After completing due diligence checks and have a working financial model of the proposed investment, they list it on their platform.
  2. Investors browse the investment listings, and if they find one they like, they invest using either MangoPay or bank transfer when the investment reaches its target fund.
  3. The SPV and bank account for the investment is set up, with investors receiving a Shareholders Agreement and Share Certificate. All funds are transferred directly to the property bank account. As an investor, you will become a shareholder in the property.
  4. Depending on the type of investment, the property is either purchased, developed, or rented out.
  5. If the investment is income generating, then investors can expect to receive their dividends every quarter. Dividends received from developments are normally distributed at the end of the investment term.
  6. When the end of the investment term approaches, they issue an Exit Proposal to investors. Each investor needs to agree to the terms before any major decisions are made.

Why Invest in Property through CrowdLords?

  •  CrowdLords two-sided model not only benefits investors, but landlords and developers looking to grow their own businesses in the UK
  • Investments are pre-screened and pre-packaged, which means you spend less time searching for good opportunities yourself.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence checks are put in place, with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks done on all investors, landlords and developers.
  • Investors get full control over their finances, choosing investments that align with their own financial goals, and with a low barrier to entry, you can start small and slowly build up your portfolio.
  • Investment returns and terms are modelled to not only get the developers or landlords the best deal, but also ensure that investors receive a good return on their investment.
  • CrowdLords uses MangoPay as a payment service provider, which works seamlessly with the platform. Another option which is open to investors is a direct bank transfer directly into the property SPV.
  • All admin and paper work is done by CrowdLords.
  • Investments are geared towards High Net-Worth and Sophisticated Investors.
  • When it comes to providing financial details of investments, they use all the information available and are very transparent about any costs or fees that are included. They encourage investors to ask questions about investment details, financial models and the people involved in the projects.
  • A low barrier to entry, where you can start investing from £1,000.

Please visit CrowdLords for more information on their investment opportunities. Your Capital is At Risk. 

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Lily Bridgwood

Lily Bridgwood

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