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Assetz Capital
Lily Bridgwood
Written by Lily Bridgwood

Assetz Capital Purpose

As one of the leading peer to peer lending businesses, their purpose is very clear; to deliver fairer growth together. What do they mean by this? Well everything that Assetz Capital do is aimed at growing your investments with them, at growing credit worthy businesses by providing them access to your capital and at growing people and their careers as they manage their investors and borrowers.

This is achieved by all working together effectively and using the power of the internet to be efficient. Through efficiency they seek to deliver better value to each of their stakeholders; the prospect of higher returns to investors and lower cost finance to businesses with them being efficient but profitable in the middle.

Fairer, Growth, Together.

Check out the Assetz Capital factsheet for more information.

Investing with Assetz Capital

At Assetz Capital, they believe that it’s important for prospective investors to understand how peer-to-peer lending works, what the risks are and what you can do to mitigate them.

Asset Security:

Expected Loss Rate

When lending there is always a risk the borrower may default and in some extreme cases capital may be lost.

A default is a breach in any of the conditions of the loan such as failure to make a timely payment or another significant credit event. The good news is, this happens only to a small percentage of borrowers (about 6 in 100) but because Assetz Capital takes security against every loan, the actual expected loss rate is as low as 0.31%.

Tax Liability

The return you receive with Assetz Capital on your investment is paid gross.

No tax is deducted ‘at source’ by peer-to-peer lending platforms. Assetz Capital lenders are responsible for the payment of any tax due of them to HMRC. Tax will be payable at your marginal rate.

Likely Actual Return

Rates of loan interest/investment return on their website are shown as gross rates.

Assetz Capital do not charge fees to lenders currently but you should make allowances for tax and expected default rates & losses when calculating your likely return. This will allow you to make a more meaningful comparison of likely actual returns to other forms of investment.

Please visit Assetz Capital to find out more information on their current opportunities. Your Capital is At Risk. 

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Lily Bridgwood

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