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Lily Bridgwood
Written by Lily Bridgwood

About True Potential Investor

True Potential Investor offers 24/7 investment tracking online and by app, alongside world-first impulseSave® technology that helps you top up your investments at the touch of a button.

Starting with your goal and how much you can invest today, True Potential Investor helps you plan how you’ll get there.

How Does Investing with True Potential Investor Work?

From planning your investment, to keeping track of it’s performance and topping up, True Potential Investor is designed to suit the way you want to manage your money.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Name your goal – this helps you stay focused on why you’re investing
  2. Set goal amount & term – this lets you see how you’re doing over time
  3. Choose your risk profile – select from five clear options
  4. Choose how much to invest – by lump sum, monthly amount or both
  5. Choose your account type – we offer a Stocks & Shares ISA, Personal Pension and General Investment Account
  6. Select a Portfolio – choose from ten True Potential Portfolios

Why Should You Invest with True Potential Investor?

With True Potential Investor, you are always in control of your investments. You set a goal, track it over time and can always top up your investment with world-first impulseSave® technology to get back on track or even arrive early. Working with world-class investment managers, we’ve built discretionary-managed Portfolios that each aim to maximise returns and minimise risk.

With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest.

Please visit True Potential Investor to find out more information about their current opportunities. Your Capital is At Risk. 

About the author

Lily Bridgwood

Lily Bridgwood

Lily is the Partnerships Associate at OFF3R. She has previous work experience in both the corporate and start-up environments. She joined the OFF3R team in October having recently graduated with First-Class Honours in International Business from the University of Edinburgh.